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pRetty tAttered sOul are very proud to have published the following work. If you'd like to have your work considered for publishing, then please get in touch with us.



Richard Archer - December 2019

Irritable Vowel Syndrome is the fifth published collection of poetry, by Richard Archer, one of the West Midlands finest contemporary poets. Richard shares with us his thoughts about life which stem from his own experiences and observations, in a fantastic collection of poetry and verse, crafted together with a subtle blend of humour, wit and honesty. It will make you laugh. It will make you think. It might even make you well up inside.



Ian Davies - May 2019

Come with us on a journey into the familiar as we enter the Cycle. These poems represent some of my conversations I have with myself continually as I go about my daily business, be that actual work, or the task of relaxing; which you will begin to see my brain (mind) never completely achieves, and how these conversations run in cycles, as life does. So, in the infamous words of another psychic adventurer ‘Turn on Tune in’ but hopefully don’t drop off.



Richard Archer - November 2018

A Pigeon Among the Cats, sees Richard Archer delve deeper into his emotional lexicon, delivering poetry that will blow you away, whilst still sharing his subtle humour within verse. This is a book of depth, beautifully compiled by a master-craftsmen, who spins poems and verse of tragedy and pain against a backdrop of gentleness and humour, which is so often lost in the world today. This book represents Richard’s strongest work to date. It is measured, direct and beautiful. It is a work of art!

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