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World of my Illusion – a poem about………

I present to you my dearest, a world of my illusion,

one without fear and filled with an innocent happiness,

yet – it is strained, with a sense of mass-produced confusion,

not that it really means the core of it should matter any less.

Still – I view the world with a sense of fear,

observing the heartless, dragging it down on to its knees,

whilst mothers cradle their children, fighting back tears,

as the fat rich mongrels ignore all their pleas.

I’m still searching for nirvana, a place where we can live,

without all the dumbshits existing, intent only to terrorise,

I don’t find comfort from the elected, it’s us that have to give,

I’m tired of hearing their bullshit, which only magnifies their lies.

I no longer pray to a god – or accept into their world of salvation,

we simply need to create a world – where we bind with a common fusion,

whilst I know that my ideas elevate above levels far higher than my station,

yet, I present to you my dearest, a world of my illusion.

#observations #life #belief #socialcommentary #poem #divergence #Hope #poetry #Fear

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