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Willow Tree – a poem about……….

Under the old Willow tree Sits a man who is just like me Telling tales of how he lost his soul With memories of when he last fell whole Recollecting the many moments of pain Which continued to suffocate his brain.

Searing pain that burned so bright Which he tried to resist with all of his might Reluctantly he agreed to take the medication Once they’d reassured him of no complication Reliable treatment to repair his mind Would enable his life to be re-aligned.

Then he began to scream and shout Hoping to drive the madness out Yet he was wickedly defeated By his own mind that then retreated Into a world of lies and fear Involuntary voices he would hear.

Under the old Willow tree Sat a man who was once like me. Told his stories and we all cried Then taken ill he sadly died Nobody knew his name just his face I never want to take his place.

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