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Why is it so Dark? – a poem about……….

I stare at my pained reflection in the window. Watching as my family busy themselves around me, dealing with whatever last minute detail needs to be attended too, whilst I stand motionless trying to rehearse a brave smile. They’ve not seen the darkness of the swirling shadow dancing behind me, or how it caresses my shoulder before trying to pull me into its world of pain, because I try to obscure it from their sight. I silently fight with my aggressor, wrestling against its sharp talons that scratch at my skin, causing me to violently twitch and shake. It takes hold of me by the throat, squeezing tightly to restrict the air flow, forcing me to fight for breath. Satisfied with its actions of torment, the shadow releases its grip causing me to fall to my knees. They don’t need to see the darkness of the swirling shadow dancing behind me, to know that all is not well with me. I throw myself into the arms of my true love, acidic tears tumble burning my cheeks as I cry out “Why is it so Dark?” She cannot answer since she does not know. So she holds me tightly in her embrace and whispers, “I am here for you and I always will be. I love you eternally.” I cling to her tightly until our souls almost become one. Then, I begin to see the light breaking through.

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