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Welcome To My World – a poem about…….

Welcome intrepid explorer to my world. Daily, the terrain is varied and uneven, yet, traversing through the cacophony of noise and colours can be enjoyable, should you dear visitors, be of a strong constitution. There is danger lurking behind the strangely decorated corners, with no guarantee offered about the stability of the terraform. Still, you are most welcome to spend whatever time you can in my world. Did I mention the danger lurking? Yes, of course, I did. You see, whilst the landscape is stable, as previously advised, there are many bizarre sights to see. Unicorns roam freely, for no reason other than I like them. Although, they do serve me well as they fight against The Goblins of The Bleakness who invade the terrain from time to time. There are cesspools dotted around, that hiss and spit caustic bile at anyone who goes near, whilst calling out my name. I avoid them religiously because they burn away at my soul. The House of Hopeless Dreams is a delight to visit during your stay. It’s full of chronologically arranged artefacts demonstrating the pathetic attempts of hopeful endeavour. After a while, the accompanying laughter becomes quite tedious, I’m sure you’ll agree. Stroll through the corridors of pain and sufferance if you dare. Management must stress that we hold no responsibility should you become infected or affected in any way by what you have experienced. ‘Get over it, you weaklings!’ That’s the only advice I can share because that’s all that was offered to me. Be very careful should you wander along the path of deadly thoughts. So much could go wrong down there and I really cannot vouch for your safety. I know, as I’ve had to fight my way through the dark forest that overstretches the pathway, which in turn covers the black cobbled pathway with tar that chokes you as you inhale. If you do wish to go through it, I have to ask you, Why? For, I do not wish to tread the path any more than I have had to. You must be insane. Fear not, there is some light at the end of the tunnel which you are more than welcome to observe. Behind the Plexiglas dome, obviously. I can’t have you infecting the only thing important to me, an Angel and offspring, generating love outward for our own personal consumption. Dear visitor, I hope you’ve enjoyed your brief visit to my world. Please, sign out in an orderly fashion and don’t forget to leave a review.

*artwork by Noel Fielding*

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