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Vegan Cheese – a poem about…

Yeah, I’m a vegetarian, so what? I’m not trying to be current or cool Or scared of the new order vegan rule It’s just, I no longer crave the taste of meat.

I’ve said all of my goodbyes To lamb chops, chicken curry and pork pies Whilst I’ve been through many detox sessions and rehabs Battling against addiction to eating too many mixed meat kebabs.

I’ve shed a pound or two Which should give you a clue That eating so much animal flesh Might not be that good for you.

My body is happier now that it’s adapted to Quorn If you’ve not tried it, don’t offer me scorn Whilst Linda McCartney’s passing was sad I’ve got to say, her veggie sausages aren’t bad.

I get annoyed by salad and a foray of leaf For it always gets deposited on the dark recess of my teeth Forcing me to appear like a gap-tooth fail Another reason why I dislike kale.

These words are not intended to change Your primary instincts and emotions Which I know to flow animalistically Whenever a vegetarian menu is in range.

Should your curiosity peak attention About my acceptance for vegetation In substitution of a meat plate station I can assist with advising on a food rotation.

Fear not though, I’m not one to preach Yet, I’m happy to share with you some advice Should you be inclined to try vegan cheese? Reconsider, it’s not bloody nice.

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