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Vampire Amore – a poem about …

Dusk descends having vanquished day wrapping its midnight blue satin cloak around me. Pangs of hunger erupt through me as my fangs throb urgently instructing the sense and desire to feed. Soon, I will find a soul who submits willingly to my allure, offering forth their flesh to satisfy my desire and charm. I drain the life from the beautiful souls, without distraction about their gender. For the warmth of human blood tastes divine irrelevant of persuasion and philosophy. Although, I do confess somewhat awkwardly to favour gorging from the neck of a creature with a gorgeous smile. ‘Et Voila’, food is always far more palatable when it seductively satisfies the eye. Blood is craved through necessity causing anxiety when it is scarcely available. It forces me to hunt with purposeful aggression readily abandoning all sense of taste through necessity. Yet, I favour the deliciously beautiful people savouring the taste of the rich dark red nectar. It energises my wickedly decadent revenant soul allowing me to remain immortal forevermore.

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