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Throw It Away – a poem about……..

Fractured memories the ones that hurt the most I forgot how much they sting could have ended it, almost.

Curse my tainted eyes for they still feel the same they’ve seen much suffering their gaze still seeks to blame.

I surrendered to a faith thought I would give it a try embraced a twisted vision of hope until I saw through their lie.

My mind was betrayed leaving me in a paralysed state the only way to survive the sin is to finally give in to my hate.

I’m happier this way believe me, I’ll take my turn you can watch my systematic decline while I decide which memories to burn.

Still cannot feel enough though with you I want to stay help me heal my soul because without you, I’ll throw it away.

#SelfConflict #lackoffaith #mentalhealthissues #Desperation #anger #depression #Painfulmemories #hopeoverdespair #darkthoughts #Psychosis #Intrusivethoughts #poem #poetry

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