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The Man Who Cannot Swim – a poem about………..

Mental wounds don’t always heal. Not permanently anyway, they can remain prominent and so fragile, splitting open at the mere faintest of touches, pouring out negative emotions and abhorrent imagery, until we begin to fall into the cold waters of despair.

Sometimes, we can fight against the tides of misery, swimming towards the glimmering surface, where we are pulled to safety by hope, wrapped in a warm blanket of calm understanding, soothed by a gentle embrace, temporarily ‘healed’ by a sickly sweet prescription.

I cannot swim anymore! I’ve forgotten what I once learned as a child, so, I am left flailing hopelessly underwater, being dragged further under by the dark current, weighed down heavily by wretchedness, suffocating in the sea of psychiatric disease.

Sounds are fading as I slip nearer to the void, lost in the abyss of my own nothingness, wanting to be free from this torment. yet, I am not forsaken, for my Angel has dived into the depths of my dark waters, to rescue my soul once more.

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