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Is This The Moment? – a poem about……….

Anxiety is strangling me forcing air out of my already battered lungs. I cannot deal with this distraction not on top of every other pained emotion I feel. I want these nightmares to end. Contemplating the pros and cons of life has taken its toll and it bores me, I’m finished and need it to be done, now. Yet, I am scared, unsure if I actually want to go through with it. Is this the moment when I die? NO! No, no, no it’s not because I want to live. They love me as I do them and, I promised to be with them forevermore. So, today is the day, I begin to live once more.

#Love #semicolon #suicideprevention #suicideawareness #depression #hopeoverdespair #darkthoughts #poem #Hope #poetry

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