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I Remember When – a poem about………

I remember when you got me a Spectrum computer friends shared games copying tape to tape ignoring copyright piracy we lived like gangsters.

I remember when you made me play football I was shit yet you still found me a team and I played for your affection despite all criticism.

I remember when half a bottle of gin wiped me out completely making me spew my guts I was only 15 you soothed me as I cried.

I remember when counseling was advised you came to the surgery told me I wasn’t crazy encouraged me to be medicated advising that all would be calm soon.

I remember when she called frequently you answered the phone constantly reminding me aggressively that you weren’t my secretary forcing us to disconnect.

I remember when you hated the music I listened to compared it to your past lamented my youth for not appreciating art as you switched off MTV Rocks.

I remember when your heart arrested breaking you completely stealing your life from you how you struggled on after a shadow of who you were.

I remember when you said I love you then passed away laid out cold and dead I held your hand tightly shedding a life of tears.

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