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Horror – a poem about……..

Horror, What does it mean to you? Is it jump scares in the moments of dark silence, or the feeling of being watched when you’re completely alone? Could it be that you are scared of monsters that claw at your body before feasting on your flesh? Trapped inside a tomb as you slowly exhaust the air in your lungs, causing you to fall on the floor, as your body shakes through uncontrollable violence. Does this sound like horror to you? How about seeing ghosts or visions penetrating your active mind, that begin to aggressively attack your cognitive functions, forcing you to believe that this is now your existence and the only way you can escape from the fucking putrid world of hell is to take your own fucking life. So as you rage against the bastard symbiote that controls your body and mind, you try to fight back with the only weapon you can find. Blood seeps from the wound you have cast across your wrist as you wish for darkness to end the light. You don’t succeed, not fully anyway. As you stare through hazy eyes at the magnificent angels who patch you back together, their gloved hands smeared with your blood, you ask them, ‘Do you like horror?’

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