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Hopeful Dreams and Damaged Nightmares – a poem about………

I enjoy dreaming about the nice parts of my life. Wonderful family holidays, Nights alone with my wife, To be truthful, I think about her constantly. Days out with friends, chatting nonsense and drinking ale. Watching our kids growing up and fulfilling their own aspirations. Weekends off from work, Undertaking home improvement tasks when I have time. Floating away in the clouds. Moments of exciting inspiration for new stories or prose. These are what I like to call my hopeful dreams. I smile so much when they come.

Then, there are unpleasant dreams that taint my life. Death of family members. Nights alone without my wife, Because our coming together never came to pass. Drinking down the nectar from a being most evil. Seeing loved ones suffer and there’s nothing I can do to help them. Dying alone. Being tortured by The Greyman and his hordes of darkness. Falling into the downward spiral, Feeling the desire to give in because it’s impossible to take. These are what I call my damaged nightmares, I never smile when they come.

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