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Disconnected – a poem about………

Hey there, are you now free? could you listen, to me for a while? as all is not going too well, I really do not feel, like being me.

My word is turning so cold and black, leaving me scared at my own reflection, I’m not being overly dramatic, but, you should really know, I’m about to crack.

Really worried that I can now only see the end, suicidal imagery, driving towards a complete overload, forcing me to greatly reconsider everything, whilst hoping that I am something you can mend.

I’m disconnected – from everything that you see, mind pollution – is slowly seeping into me, disconnected – from the life that I need, cannot rest – until my broken mind is freed.

All is not well with me, are you here? can you not hear me screaming? lost inside my own colourful, personal hell, medication doesn’t work, serving only to increase my fear.

Daily nightmares, force me to scrape at my skin, I’m clearly falling to my knees now my precious, please help me to make amends, can you save me from the thoughts within?

How can everyone be so ignorant and blind? irrelevantly stating how well I look, but, that is the fault in its entirety, for my illness exists totally ‘in my mind’.

I’m disconnected – from everything you see, mind destruction – slowly taking over me, disconnected – as life slowly passes me by, don’t be too sad – everyone has their time to die.

#Darkreality #mentalhealth #Nightmares #suicideprevention #suicideawareness #depression #Psychosis #poem #poetry

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