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Collision – a poem about…….

In spite of the miserable grey weather There isn’t anything notable about my journey Until she appears from out of nowhere Forcing everything to change instantly.

Agonising screeching of strained tyres Combines with the sickening sound of crunching metal As two vehicles meld tightly together Front ends in the most hideous embrace.

Impact causes time to freeze momentarily Forcing my heart rate to increase dangerously Whilst my brain enters information recon mode To the chorus of impatient traffic hurtling past.

On self-inspection, I appear to be physically okay Although I cannot escape that noise in my head A grotesque crescendo of the collision Which is now played in a continuous loop.

Blues lights flash around me stealing my attention No injuries to report other than a cricked neck I’m still shaking on the spot that I stand on Whilst the tension in my head begins to increase.

Particulars are exchanged with minimal pleasantries As the moment of chaos begins to surpass Everything around me begins to normalise Except, that brutal noise in my head.

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