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Alone in my Head – a poem about………..

With eyes closed tightly the noise inside my head intensifies ruining the moments when I should sleep as if interrupted by an unruly child.

Voices are cruel and abusive making me feel insignificant taking satisfaction at my misery forcing themselves outward into my reality.

Despite my best intentions I cannot ignore the voices even when I am reminded by loved ones that I am far stronger than they suggest.

Embracing my loving Angel welcoming the love she brings I share an honest moment despite hiding the truth from her.

I hate the moments of isolation when I am alone in my head as the voices beat me constantly causing me to hide away in pain.

Looking into her beautiful eyes whilst evil rages inside my mind I want to cry and set her free until she takes me into her arms.

Cuts and bruises have been dressed mood swings recognised feelings addressed and considered supporting my steps forward.

She cannot hear the voices that spit their bile inside my head yet she knows they are there so, I know that I am not truly alone.

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