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I am the Pretty Tattered Soul! Writer - Poet - Artist - Activist - Father - Husband - HUMAN!



Paul B. Morris hails from Walsall in the West Midlands, although he was created somewhere up North.

His stories lean towards dark fiction, horror and the strange, drawing focus from the dark reality of life. Paul’s story, Hail Mary, was featured in The Reverend Burdizzo’s Hymn Book. His debut horror novella, The Technician, is currently available to buy.

After falling in love with the work of the great Shakespeare, Morris has also drawn inspiration from Lewis Carroll, Stephen King, Graham Masterton and most notably, Michael Marshall Smith, who is still his favourite author.

In the realms of normality, Paul B Morris is happily married to an Angel, has four children and Echo the cat who constantly get the better of him.

He owns two red t-shirts that don’t suit him. 

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Coming 2021 - published by pRetty tAttered sOul

Hey peeps. I'm going to be compiling and producing an anthology about our life experiences, living in Britain as a member of the LGBTQ+ family.

I want the truth! Just how bad or good has life been. I want your real stories.
I'm accepting original stories between 1K and 5K words.

Submissions to be emailed in Word format to

Everyone accepted will receive a copy of the paperback book.

Thank you
Paul x



Some of us have secrets. Some secrets must be protected, whatever the cost. When the paths of the ruthless Richard Hewitt MP and a tech-obsessed loner Harvey Marlowe cross, neither of them can predict the consequences. Darkness lurks within, but who has the strength to make it to the end?

From the dark mind of Paul B. Morris comes The Technician, a twisted tale of greed and perversion that is not for the faint of heart. Also featuring the exclusive short story; File:- The Life and Love of Harvey Marlowe

The Technician PB cover.jpg


I've started working on my new book 'The Rainbow Palace FC'.

It focuses on the life and journey of a footy fan from the LGBTQ+ community, who grew up in the 70s, went to matches in the 80s/ 90s, experienced and observed homophobic abuse and how he dealt with it throughout his life. It moves to the present day and the creation of the Rainbow Palace football club and the still prominent issues of homophobia in football.

There is a lot that is soooooo much WIP. A lot of it is based on my own real life experience and it is a body of work that I am fully committed to. I want to help make football a game that is more diverse. I want to help breakdown the barriers currently presented before us. I want to help create a safe environment for footballers to 'come out'.

If anyone wants to offer support to my project, get in touch.

Love to you all x

#lgbtq #lgbtqfootball #rainbowlaces #gayfootball
#againsthomophobia #lesbianfootball #footballforall #bifootballer



I'm based somewhere near Walsall, England.

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